About me


                            I grew into my love of books when I started reading Little House on the Prairie, I fell in love with romance when I saw Almanzo trying to catch Laura's eye.  What clinched the deal was watching Anne of Green Gables on PBS, I was glued to the screen when Gilbert came on.  He was so dreamy...and with that accent!  Gilbert trying to woo Anne..sigh...it kinda made my heart go pitter patter.  And then came my school years.  Aargh!  I hat....tolerated them, but what kept me going aside from my friends was writing my first novel about my first love and me, it was going to be great I just knew it.  But then school ended, I lost touch with that guy and I sorta lost interest within my crazy life.
          Now, I'm back.  Ready to start writing again but still have to get over that hurtle of fear and rejection.