Thursday, February 9, 2012

Just read...

     Sophie Kinsella's latest I've Got your Number,  And I've got to say...I FREAKING LOVED IT!!!  Wow, I did not know I would be drawn in so deep...from the very first page no less.  The characters draw you in and will not let you leave their drama until the very last page, and even then you want to see what's going to happen because even though it is a good ending, you want to read more.  And that is just Kinsella's style, her writing is so relatable to the masses.  She kept me laughing until I thought I might have to pee a couple times, and that is the best kind of laughter there is in my book.  Or the kind of laughter that makes you think you will have a heart attack, your heart hurts from laughing so hard.  Or is that just me?  You can just tell when an author loves writing a book, it definitively shows.
                             It's so hard not giving anything away!!  I want to tell you guys everything that happened.  How so and so met, why I was laughing so hard.  Oh, and I want to tell you about Willow!!  Dang it!  I'm afraid if I start with something small I might reveal something big you know?  And I had no idea I would love a book that had you reading text messages between two people.  I mean what can I say?  I just LOVE this book.
                              Sprint, no walking or running, sprint to your nearest bookstore (sadly, not Borders) on February 14th and buy this book.
                     Below is a sneak peak inside the book.  I just love that British accent (said in a British accent)

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