Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Some exciting not to be missed news!!

  My very first interview! Is not scheduled, but is in my mind and furiously trying to formulate to get on pap..uhh...my computer screen.  The author is non other than NY Times bestselling author Delilah Marvelle! Wow.  Take a deep breath Megan. In.....OUT.  OK  No time on when the interview will be posted though, so check back.   Sometime in the near future of course.  UMMM, can I just say I LOVE that dress?
     I have loved Marvelle ever since picking up a copy of book 1 in The Scandal Series Prelude To a Scandal and reading Justine's wild escapade with The Duke of Bradford with a hint of mystery thrown in to titillate us. I just loved reading about African primates and how closely related they are to the animal kingdom.  (I should explain more but you will just have to read the book to find out what I mean).  An uproar ensues when the scandal gets out, in the middle they find a way to fall in love...and so on and so forth.  No need to spill the details.  I will just say that it was a hilarious and entertaining read, one that will live in my heart for some time to come.
                Anyway, where was I.  Hmmm, oh yes.   Delilah also gave me another reason to love her.  She moved to my hometown!  Ok, my homestate.  Of Oregon. Ah, I miss you Oregon.  But not the jobless rate since 2009.  You can read up on Mrs. Marvelle on her newly designed website which is just perfect btw.  Am I gushing?!  It kinda sounds like I am.  So I'll stop.Open here to discover D.M.  Happy Valentine'ss Day to Me!!
           Can you as my readers think of any other authors you would like to see featured on my blog? I think these (interviews) will be as addicting as tattoos....YIKES!


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