Saturday, April 14, 2012

Review: Angelina's Bachelor's By Brian O' Reilly

Title: Angelina's Bachelor's
Author: Brian O' Reilly (Recipes by Virginia O' Reilly)
Publication Date: August 9th, 2011
Publication: Gallery Books

                    Angelina’s Bachelors’ is a moving and heartbreaking story that will have you munching away on a piece of pie while turning the pages.  Honestly, I think I gained ten pounds just reading this book, the recipes and the way the author describes how Angelina is cooking will make your mouth water and make even the undomesticated goddess among us want to run into the kitchen and start whipping up a soufflé.
                Angelina has just lost her beloved husband of five years to a heart attack; the last thing he ate was a piece of her chocolate cake.  Days later, she finds she is without a job as well; you would think this would make a woman cry foul and give up but one lonely night she decides to cook a thanksgiving style meal in hopes that will release all her anger, after all when does cooking not distress a woman?  But the next day finds, her refrigerator stuffed and no way of eating it all by herself before everything is spoiled so with the help of her mother in law, she delivers the baked goods around the neighborhood.
                Soon enough, Angelina’s doorbell starts ringing the next day from single men around the neighborhood who would like Angelina to start cooking for them because either they can’t cook or their mother can’t cook like Angelina.  And so Angelina’s bachelor club is born, where five single guys ranging in age from 18 to 80 come together for dinner five days a week and get homemade fare.
                But not soon after, a surprising revelation is made and a calamity ensues that finds Angelina owning her own restaurant with the help of the bachelor’s.  And it just wouldn’t be a stunning read without a little bit of romance now would it?  Yes, Angelina finds love again with one of the bachelor’s.
                I just loved this book, not because cooking is my second passion after books but because of the message Angelina’s Bachelor’s gives.  When one door closes, another opens.  You just have to be ready and keep your eyes open.

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