Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I know I know...I'm ashamed.

                                Ashamed that I don't have a post for Tuesday!!

                                Moving takes a lot out of a person, mainly I've been reading.  Trying to get rid of all                          these books so I don't have to cart as many around in my luggage.

                                         Can you ever forgive me for not posting?
                                            Yes, I'll have a lot of reviews posting
                                                     *trying to touch through the screen*
                                                                not really working

            Ummmmmm, really NOT going to say what that football looks like....placed just right there.
                                            It's been way too long for me OK?

Just ONE more I promise
This picture just says lie on the bed and cuddle with me.
I swear!  I only want to gaze upon that chest....
and maybe run my hands over his....broad shoulders




  1. Moving sucks!!!
    I hope you get settled okay though.
    I moved in august and had no internet for 20 days and I was going nuts I barely read anything and this was before I started blogging. I couldn't imagine that happening to me now.

    -Kimberly @ Turning The Pages

    P.S. I forgive the lack of posting because of the eye candy in the pictures above

  2. My husband swore that if we ever had to move again we would burn everything and start over.

    Good luck and THANKS for the pics...said as I try to break my eyes away from the screen!


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