Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Confessions

I have and will always have loved growing up in the '80's. Looking back I smile, sometimes laugh at some of the stupid stuff my friends and I were a part of. A decade of leg warmers, jellies, handmade friendship bracelets, and true rock and roll. I wish with all my heart we could go back to those carefree days, but I have to admit I would miss the technology we have now.

This recollection was brought about when I learned one of my all time favorite rock bands was being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I won't even mention Axl, his appearance, nor his refusal. I will just concentrate on my one indecent celebrity crush in that band. Duff. I sighed over the name, the hair, and the tattoos, and yes, I sighed over that delectable body. That's when I knew without a doubt that bad boys would rule my heartache from that day forth.
I was crushed when the band started breaking up at the end of '90, hearing reports that Axl wanted out at the end of '94 I knew that there was no hope left for the once wild, out of control band. So I was happier than anything that Simon & Schuster have a new memoir out in conjunction with Guns N' Roses induction. The memoir you ask? Well I wouldn't be nearly as excited if it were Axl or Slash the other two celebrated members of that historic band. Actually, I was very surprised to hear that Duff had written a memoir. I'm very excited to delve into the inner workings of his mind back then-or at least attempt to-can I just say that he looks just as hot as he did up on stage back then?
     You can find the title here on the Simon & Schuster website or at Amazon

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