Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Review: Sleeping with Ward Cleaver by Jenny Gardiner

Title: Sleeping With Ward Cleaver
Author: Jenny Gardiner
Publication: Lovespell
Release Date: January 2008
Rating: Photobucket

Have you ever been married? Ten yrs and five kids down the road you look at your husband to find a stranger sleeping next to you? Claire Doolittle can surely relate. Claire used to be a daredevil, a go getter, Claire used to take life by the horns. That is until one day she realized her husband takes her for granted, not to mention her kids. Jack Doolittle used to make her world go round…and round…and… (Well you get the idea). That is until Jack's brother died, taking a huge piece of Jack with him, the piece that was fun loving and carefree. Now all that is left for Claire and the kids is that other piece of Jack. The piece that is focused on work, is grumpy all the time and yells at the kids for the smallest infractions. The piece that is Ward Cleaver in the making. How can Claire stay married to this man that she has pledged eternity on? Simple. Because she loves him and she knows that she can get the old Jack back. And she know’s if she’s not careful that she will turn into Ward’s loving counterpart June.
With the help of her best friend Kat and her two timing high school boyfriend, Claire takes a chance that there is still a piece of the old Jack inside of this evolving Ward Cleaver, risking her pride and her heart, she tackles what is most important to her; her family.

Sleeping with Ward Cleaver was for the most part a somewhat boring read for me, maybe because I'm not married yet and do not know the complexities that go along with partnership, but I found that I had to take breaks from this book and read other ones just to keep on going till the last page. The better part of the book is Claire hating the fact that her husband Jack has turned into Ward Cleaver and does not even imagine that she has anything to do with that fact. After all it does take two right? In all things in a relationship? Now things get interesting towards the end of the book when Claire hires herself as a Private Investigator and follows her husband on his work vacation to Miami. Covertly spying on Jack and his younger and blond assistant is entertaining and hilarious, not to mention when Jack finds out that his wife is in Miami, well let's just say that the novel gets juicer by the minute.
I think Sleeping with Ward Cleaver starts out as somewhat of a dry read but it does get a whole lot better in the middle; I would recommend it if you want a couple of laughs (because it is funny with kids involved) or if you want something to while away the time. Sleeping with Ward Cleaver was entertaining and wiled away a lazy day for me.


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