Sunday, October 14, 2012

Review: Spying in High Heels by Gemma Halliday

Title: Spying in High Heels

Author:  Gemma Halliday

Publication: Gemma Halliday

Release Date: August 1, 2006

Series: High Heels Mystery #1

L.A. shoe designer, Maddie Springer, lives her life by three rules: Fashion. Fashion. Fashion. But when she stumbles upon the work of a brutal killer, her life takes an unexpected turn from Manolos to murder. And things only get worse when her boyfriend disappears - along with AUD20 million in embezzled funds - and her every move is suddenly under scrutiny by the LAPD's sexiest cop. With the help of her post-menopausal bridezilla of a mother, a 300 pound psychic and one seriously oversexed best friend, Maddie finds herself stepping out of her stilettos and onto the trail of a murderer. But can she catch a killer before the killer catches up to her...

I absolutely loved everything about this book!

And I can't believe it was Self Published!  It was so good
              (Not to say anything bad about most self published books).

The characters were hilarious and real, the plot was mysteriously quirky, and the writing style was fantastic.  Oh and, the location could not be beat since I was living in Los Angeles while reading the first book in this anticipated series.  I knew everywhere that Maddie went, although yeah, some of the places were fictional.  But the streets were real.

Maddie Springer is just another shoe designer trying to make ends meet when her married boyfriend gets arrested for murder!  It is up to her and only her to find the real killer and spring him loose because everybody else thinks that he actually did murder his business partner.

Spying in High Heels is right up my alley with hilarious hijicks that will keep you laughing as you turn the pages; such as Maddie eagerly awaiting the results of an at home pregnancy test, Maddie’s best friend Dana having the hots for a guy nicknamed No Neck, and of course Maddie getting involved with the lead investigator of her boyfriend’s arrest sexy as hell detective Jack Ramirez.   Oh and don’t forget all that shopping!  Only in L.A.

I can’t wait to start in on the nest book in the series, Killer in High Heels.




  1. So far, this is the only free ebook that I've really liked and that I recommend.

    Sadly, the second book didn't really hold my interest.

  2. Good to know. Thanks. Haven't even started on it yet.


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