Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cover Crazy Monday

                 It's so good to be back and doing my memes again!  After a rather lengthy time away from the blogging world to deal with life issues I feel once again renewed to offer on a plate my opinions on various reading paraphernalia out there.

                                   To start off, I thought I would bring you a special week long event here on Passionate Encounters, with a guest post, interview, giveaway, excerpt, etc all by the same author.  Oh, and don't forget the review..pheww, almost forgot that one.  So let's start!

Hello Cover Crazy Monday
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This week I'm featuring....

Title: Bicoastal Babe

Author: Cynthia Langston

Publication: Self Published

Release Date: March 6, 2012

Series/stand alone title?: (Author is currently working on next book, title undisclosed)

A hilarious and insightful tale of two cities, and a trend-challenged woman caught somewhere in between... Not exactly what you’d call a goddess of cutting-edge culture, Lindsey Miller is shocked when she’s offered the über-hip job of writing for The Pulse, a newsletter that tracks white-hot trends in everything from fashion to cosmetics to entertainment. Before long, Lindsey finds herself on a whirlwind bicoastal romp as she jet-sets between New York and Los Angeles, fumbling to uncover what’s cool today, and what will be the next big thing tomorrow. The grit and glamour of Manhattan are electrifying – and so is Victor Ragsdale, the slick Wall Street broker who charms Lindsey with his street-smart savvy. But the warmth and sunshine of L.A. are bliss – and so is Danny Wynn, the dreamy blond surfer who sweeps her into his strong, suntanned arms. Lindsey’s two lives are both so exciting – and both so different. But disaster strikes when her evil trend-spotting partner begins to expose Lindsey for what she really is: tragically unhip and only one dirty martini away from being found out and fired.

                           I love this cover because it shows the two different worlds that exist in one country.  East coast and West coast.  Two totally different people, lifestyles, and attitudes.  This cover and book bring up a really good point too; a lot of us believe in just one soulmate but what if there was one on each coast? Kind of unbelieveable unbelievable but still... What a small world we live in that it takes about two hours to fly from one side of our country to another, and yes I know time change does factor into that but still...
                                I was so thrilled to get a chance to sponsor this book.  I was actually contacted back in September, and after a lot of back and forth between Sarah, a wonderful Outreach Specialist with Debutante Media and I, I was finally able to host Cynthia Langston's debut into the author world.  I totally loved this book, it had a few...well I'll leave the review for later.

Coming Tuesday??   The review

Here's one in four chance's to get to know Cynthia: (other's coming soon)



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