Thursday, November 8, 2012

Guest Post, and short video of Bicoastal Babe with Cynthia Langston

                      Only two more days of this week with author Cynthia Langston.

                      Today, we will feature a guest post where she talks about the two differences between the two worlds (East and West coast).  And how it's possible to have more than one soulmate.

                         Having moved from New York to Los Angeles, I was blown away by how different the two cities are. The fast-moving, gritty edge and glamour of Manhattan felt like a different galaxy compared to the laid-back, healthy, beachy vibe of L.A. (and, of course, the sleek and shiny “Hollywood” element as well).  I was so enthralled with the contrast that I was inspired to write a novel about it, in which the main character, Lindsey Miller, must travel back-and-forth between coasts for her job as a trend forecaster.  I also knew that the best way to bring both cities to life was to personify them as men.

                   New York became Victor, the dark, handsome Wall Street city-slicker who entices Lindsey with his street-smart cockiness and sexual aggression.  L.A. became Danny, the hunky, blonde surfer who sweeps her away in his suntanned arms.  Can one girl fall for two different men?  Definitely - especially if the two men are wildly different and three thousand miles apart.

                      People tell me all the time that Lindsey’s predicament is relatable, despite that most of us don’t have such exciting jobs or glamorous lives.  I think what they mean is that as women, we’re complex creatures . We have many sides to us, all of which need fulfillment.  We have our romantic side, our playful side, our saucy side, our serious side, our silly side, and on and on.  And it’s hard to find a man who complements all of those sides.  In a fantasy world, maybe having more than one man wouldn’t be so bad.  But in reality, as Lindsey finds out, it comes with some complications.

                      Have YOU ever fallen for more than one guy at a time?  Let’s discuss!


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