Monday, November 19, 2012

Review: How to Deceive a Duke by Lecia Cornwall

How To Deceive a Duke
Lecia Cornwall
Nov. 27, 2012

When her sister runs off to avoid an arranged marriage, Meg Lynton takes her place at the altar, since marriage to Nicholas Hartley, the infamous Devil Duke of Temblerlay is the only way to save her family from penury. By the time her wealthy groom discovers he's married the wrong sister, it will be too late to annul their vows. And how difficult can it be to marry a rake and a rogue like Temberlay? All she needs to do is give him an heir and move on with her own life...but deception comes at a higher cost than Meg may be prepared to pay.

When Nicholas Hartley inherits the family title after his brother's untimely death, an arranged marriage to a woman he's never met is the last thing he wants. But when his bride raises her veil at the altar, Nicholas realizes that his wedding night might prove to be a pleasure after all. After a bedding that leaves them both breathless, Nicholas discovers Meg's deception, and decides to teach his scheming bride how to be a proper duchess, kiss by devastating kiss...


                 Lecia Cornwall is a new author for me.  Now I know I need to expand my horizons and all that, but there is just something comforting about taking on a story with an author you know will give you a good ride.  And I have to say my little nest of comfortable authors for me has just expanded by one!

                I was more than skeptical about reading How to Deceive a Duke mainly because of the cover; I wasn’t too thrilled about a historical heroine in what appeared to be a modern day wedding dress looking out at you from a blush pink background.  Who knows what made me pick this book to read/review?  But you know what?  I’m so glad I did!

                What drew me in was Nicholas Hartley, the hero who had no desire to be duke was duped by his fiancĂ©es sister’s into marrying the wrong woman.  The heroine Meg Lynton has red hair-and BTW you can totally tell the hair on the cover is NOT red even through the veil-and a fiery temper to match.  I loved how Meg gave Nicholas hell and made his life miserable until he finally confessed his love to her.

                Now, you guys must know by now that I love sexual tension-and sex-in my books.  There wasn't a lot of sex, maybe two sex scenes, but the sexual tension-and the kisses-more than made up for the lack!
                I absolutely loved the secondary characters as well.  I absolutely loved the grandmother until she showed her true colors in the end, and I loved Claire and Daniel’s little side story.
                The ending was SOOOOOOOOOOO Gone With the Windesque that I about fell over in raptures! 

                Lecia Cornwall is an author to watch I have to admit.  And when she told me this is a first in a sort of series I have to admit I squealed a little bit…just a little.



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