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Promo Stop: Caressed by a Crimson Moon by Amanda J. Greene

            I'm just so flippin excited to host bk 3 in Amanda J. Greene's exciting Caressed/ Rulers of Darkness series!  I absolutely loved Caressed by Moonlight(bk 1) and Caressed by Night (bk 2), so I was thrilled to receive this promo invite in my inbox.
            Below, we have an excerpt, author interview and since this is an extra long post already, my review of the book will be posted tomorrow.  Hmmm, I wish we had a giveaway....
             Oh...and I enlarged the cover just to give you guys a very HOT peek of what the book entails.

Consumed by madness and tormented by dark memories of blood and death, Hadrian Lucretius, King of the Validus Clan, has returned after living in self-imposed exile for nearly three hundred and fifty years.

To maintain peace with the vampires, Eva Maldonado is offered as a sacrifice to the crazed vampire king by her father, the alpha of the Silveria Shifter Pack. Hadrian’s reputation is both legendary and lethal; he is ruthless, bloodthirsty, lusty, and soulless. When Eva arrives at the ancient fortress high in the Carpathian Mountains, she is shocked to find a ravaged man with dark burning eyes filled with loneliness and dangerous desire.

Would she be his lover…or his prey? His savior…or his victim? Would Hadrian lure her into madness or would their perilous passion be their redemption?


Her steps faltered as she came to a bend. The hair on the back of her neck stood on end.

She was not alone.

Eva froze and strained her senses. Her hearing and eyesight was slightly better than a human’s but nothing compared to a full shifter or—she swallowed hard—a vampire. Unable to detect anything, she slowly crept forward. Placing her back against the twelve-foot tall hedge wall, she peeked around the corner.  A man sat on a white marble bench, his elbows resting on his knees, his head hung low. She could only see his perfectly hard profile and her heart skipped a beat as her breath caught. High, bold cheekbones and a straight, stern jaw descended to thin, yet enticing lips. His hair was black and buzzed in an extremely short military fashion. To her disappointment, his eyes were closed, but she knew they would be intense. He was dressed in all black, a stark contrast to the white that surrounded him.
Raw power radiated from him. He was pure unadulterated male. Lethal. She knew instinctively this vampire was the crazed king, Hadrian Lucretius. The man—no, the beast that had ensnared her in the hall.
His eyes remained closed as his lips pulled back from his long, white fangs tinted with red.


She knew she ought to be horrified but as before…he was making her lust. Her body was hot and heavy, her breathing came in soft gasps, and heat spiraled through her core as she recalled the feel of his powerful body looming over her.

“I know you’re there.” His voice was deep and heavily accented though his style of speech was modern. He spoke again, but she did not comprehend his words. She closed her eyes and savored his voice. Dark. Seductive. She shivered, not from cold, but from pleasure.

Nothing made sense. She knew her reaction was insane. She knew she should be terrified and run as fast as she could back to the castle and the safety of her room. But, she could not bring herself to leave, nor did she want to run. Her heart stuttered at the thought of him chasing her and something wild deep within her roared to life.

In a rush of movement, she was pulled forward and spun about. Her back slammed against the hedge, a cool, strong hand wrapped about her throat. Her cry of shock quickly faded to a gasp of delight. He stood before her, pinning her to the hedge. Her senses flared, taking in his fresh scent. He smelled of pine, wilderness, and male. His eyes gazed deeply into hers as if searching for her very soul. They were fathomless, obsidian pools that swirled with malice, grief, and…desire.

Her heart thundered in her ears as her lips parted, drawing in rapid breaths, filling her lungs with his irresistible scent. Again, she wondered at her response, but lust clouded her mind, blocking all rational thought.

She dropped her gaze to his broad shoulders and chest, which were covered only by a short-sleeved black shirt. Her fingers twitched at the thought of running her hands over the hard muscle. He was lean, solidly built, and tall, clearly over six feet.

He crowded her. Trapping her.

She loved it.

Hadrian’s gaze focused on her pulse. Eva’s heart beat wildly, teasing him. His fangs felt heavy in his mouth and they ached to pierce her slender throat.
The run had helped him immensely, driving away those hateful memories. He thanked God he had recovered before his ward had stumbled upon him in the labyrinth. The memories always left his mind tainted.


He had wanted blood. No. Needed blood. Death. Yes, he had craved to taste death, to savor it. He had hunted in the forest and fed from a rabbit. It’s tangy blood and tiny life had brought him precious little relief. It was enough. It would keep him from tearing her throat open and gorging himself on the sweet elixir.

She would be spicy, exotic, and oh, so hot.

He ran his tongue over his fangs and Eva sighed. The scent of her desire grew stronger. He took in a deep breath and shuddered. Intoxicating. His erection strained against his pants as heat consumed him. He wanted to teleport her to his bed, feel her soft body beneath him, her hips rocking with his as he claimed her, filled her. Her lust sang to him like a siren’s song and fired his icy blood.

“We meet again, little one.” He brushed the elegant column of her throat with his thumb, pausing over her pulse with every stroke. “I did not expect it would be so soon.”

Hadrian kept his hand on her neck as he stepped back to appraise his prey. He had known she was small, but his mind had been completely consumed with lust and hunger earlier to focus on detail. She was barely over five feet and slight of frame. Fragile. He could snap the poor girl; easily break her like a doll. He eased the pressure on her neck at the thought. Her face was delicate with almond shaped eyes that were down caste, concealing their color. She also had well defined cheekbones and stubborn chin. Her luscious, pouting lips were peach in color. Hadrian shivered as he imagined their taste. He could not remember the last time he had felt another’s lips pressed against his. Never had he kissed the women he took to his bed…not since he had been a mortal man, not since his wife. But damn, her mouth was tempting.

He dropped his gaze to her body. She was tightly bundled in a thick jacket, the blue a perfect complement to her smooth sun kissed skin. Her dark brown hair was pulled back and fastened in a braid that came to her hips. He resisted the urge of freeing her locks, having the absurd desire to run his fingers through her hair.

He released her throat to press his hands to the hedge on either side of her head. Her gaze met his and Hadrian bit back a curse. Amber. Pure, amber stared back at him. Not yellow, as he thought before when he had found her in the hall.


For an instant, his gaze grew sharp. Eva tried to look away, but his hand caught her chin and forced her to face him.

“Look at me, little one.”

She raised her hands, intending to shove him away, like she knew she should. This was wrong. He was a vampire. No, he was a crazed vampire king and she was, well, a lowly half-breed, who was also his ward. Nothing could happen between them. As if I would want something to happen between us, she told herself.

His thumb brushed over her bottom lip, the caress was simple and yet completely erotic. He sank his body into hers and Eva lost her breath.

Hadrian slipped his hand down her neck to her nape; his fingers began to play with the stay strands of hair that had escaped her braid. His ravenous gaze roamed her body. Despite the bulkiness of her jacket, he could feel her generous curves. The blue material covering her chest strained ever so slightly against her breasts as her hips cradled his, her stomach was flat and soft against his painful erection.

“Shall we continue what we started in the hall?”

Eva swallowed hard as she thought, Oh, God, yes!

His finger danced over her shoulder and her chest to the zipper of her jacket. She watched as he slowly drew it down, heat coiled in her core.

Eva couldn’t think. She couldn’t move. The heat of his strong hands burned through the thin material of her pajama tank top as he spanned her waist. She did not notice the cold but shivered in anticipation. His fingers slowly slid up her sides and paused at her ribs, just below her aching breasts. She arched her back and he hissed.

“Terror,” Hadrian whispered. “You should be feeling terror.”

Eva squeaked in response, unable to speak.
He leaned his head down, his breath brushed along the sensitive flesh of her throat.
“You should run,” he said. Would I let her escape? Yes, he would. He would use what remained of his will to remain still as she raced through the labyrinth. He should set her from him and demand that she go.

All Eva could do was nod. She knew he was right. She should be screaming. She should be praying that Falcon would come to her rescue. This dark vampire had her trapped. Hadrian, the mad king, had her at his mercy. She tried to remember the evil rumors, hoping they might be able to draw her back into reality. Nothing came. All she could think about was how much she wanted to feel his hands on her body, hips lips against her skin and his—

“Touch me,” Eva gasped. Desire controlled her mind as lust gripped her body.
His black gaze jumped with dangerous delight. He spun her about, forcing her back against his chest, his hands gripping her hips as he pressed her front towards the hedge.
Heaven help her, a bolt of treacherous excitement ran down her spine to curl her toes. She pressed her hips back and groaned at the feel of his hard cock against her ass.

“Do you know who I am?” he asked, his lips brushing her ear.


“Who?” His demand was rough and, God, she loved the anger that laced his voiced. On some level, she knew she must be losing her mind to desire this vampire. She did not care. She wanted him. Now. Primal, sexual need coursed through her in sweet agonizing pulsating waves.
“H-Hadrian Lu-Lucretius,” she answered.

                    Author  Q & A

Hi Amanda! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my blog. I am so excited for this interview.

Me too! Thank you for hosting me and my book, Caressed by a Crimson Moon.

First of all, tell the readers a little bit about Amanda J. Greene.

Well, for starters, I must confess…I’m a coffee addict. I’ve also been having an affair with paranormal romance for the past twelve years – reading & writing the genre. I live in Southern California with my husband and our little dog, Kelly.

When I am not writing, I’m working, attending school, and trying to help Jennifer over at The Book Nympho blog as an associate reviewer. Life is busy!

Can you please tell my readers about the Rulers of Darkness series? How in the world did you come up with the basic premise? And how in the world did you wring so much passion out of the characters?

My Rulers of Darkness series features vampires, shape-shifters, and witches. I wrote the original draft of the first book, Caressed by Moonlight, about twelve years ago. I had not intended to make it into a series. When I found the binder I kept the manuscript in, I began to polish it up and work through it. Now, I had created other characters, such as Dimitri, Hadrian, and Gabriel (all are hunky men within the series) but I didn’t have any ideas for their books. Until one day, I was driving to work and I was hit by an idea. I could make a series staring all those wonderful vampires. From there, I just had to figure out a way to tie all their personal stories/backgrounds together.

As for the passion, I try to make my characters as relatable and realistic as possible. I want the readers to fall in the love with the hero and identify with the heroine. I also want my characters to work well together and their romance to be believable.

Tell us about Crimson Moon? And how many more books are you thinking of doing for this series?

Caressed by a Crimson Moon is the third installment within the Rulers of Darkness series. It stars the third ruler of darkness, Hadrian, King of Validus Clan of vampires and his mate, half-breed Eva Maldonado.

Have you written in other genre’s? Are you thinking of doing so in future?

I have written a YA that I’m still polishing up. I also have a stand alone paranormal romance manuscript, Passion’s Prey, that I am currently working on and plan to publish within the year.

Do you donate to any special causes? Animal related for example? J
I do! Paws with a Cause. I’m hoping to work with Danielle over at Romance Book Junkies and help her with her fundraiser–Pet Week Charity.

I just moved down to SoCal, can you suggest weird and wonderful places to go?

Well, I’m not sure where in SoCal you moved, but we drive everywhere. So, for weird I would suggest The Queen Mary in Long Beach, Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, and the Winchester House in San Jose. For wonderful, I would suggest a day trip out to Catalina Island, the Mission Inn in Riverside (beautiful - specially during the holidays), Ocean Beach San Diego, and so much more. Plus, if you live in the I.E. Las Vegas is only about 3 hours away. And you can’t forget all the amusement parks! Really, there is a TON to do. I really could go on, but I think I should stop now…

You’re going to college right now, right? What are you studying? It must be draining to go to school and then write such fantastic stories when not in school. How the heck do you do it?
Yes, I’m currently attending school. I’m studying psychology and managing my time is extremely difficult. Basically, I don’t sleep.

Thank you so much Amanda for joining me here at Passionate Encounters! It has been such a treat.

Today is the kick off of Caressed by a Crimson Moon’s tour with BTS and an interview with Passionate Encounters was a great start! Thank you so very much for having me here today.

Connect with the author

When she is not writing, Amanda can found playing the role of a full time university student who works part time. She lives in Southern California with her very supportive husband and their sweet cocker spaniel. Doing all the above and being a military wife is not easy, but rewarding! Of course, she accomplishes everything with a strong cup of coffee in her hand.



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