Friday, February 22, 2013

Review: Adventures with Max and Louise by Ellyn Oaksmith

Adventures with Max and Louise

Ellyn Oaksmith


March 12, 2013

This novel was originally published as an e-book in 2011 under the title Knockers.

If you like Sophie Kinsella, Meg Cabot, and Liza Palmer, you'll love Ellyn Oaksmith!

Molly Gallagher does not like to be the center of attention. As the mysterious Diner X, her pseudonym for a restaurant review column, she thrives on blending in. But before you can say "medical malpractice," she wakes up from a routine procedure to find that her chart got switched with someone else's, and now her A cup runneth over.

Suddenly, unassuming Molly is turning heads wherever she goes. The man she's been pining for since high school is sitting up and taking notice, a very handsome stranger has captured her attention, and her lifelong dream of publishing a cookbook is about to come true. But Molly feels like an imposter. Will some advice from a very strange place help her figure out how to navigate her new, full-figured world?

Molly realizes her revamped shape might change her life. She just doesn't anticipate quite how much . ..

Ladies and Gentlemen, I just had my first, official DNF on the blog here today.

             I requested this book because of the blurb, never even considering who Max and Louise might be.  I thought they were people for God’s sake!  I was in the mind set of Thelma and Louise, and while I didn’t really care for that movie all that much (except for Brad Pitt of course).  I couldn’t help but pick this title up, even though I had books on the back burner.
                I started out loving the premise; I absolutely loved Molly’s friends who were hysterical; a real riot that kept the story going even when the heroine couldn’t keep my interest.  I left off when the mistake boobs started talking and I realized who actually Max and Louise were.
                I don’t know about you but I really don’t think talking boobs are all that comical.  I really could not continue on when I had much more serious (sexier) books to read.



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