Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Review: Anything for You by Jessica Scott

Anything For You

Jessica Scott

Tormia Creatives

Feb. 1st. 2013

From the author of Because of You comes an all new Coming Home short story.

Sergeant First Class Shane Garrison has spent a year recovering from his combat injuries. A year spent in the arms of the woman of his dreams. But loving Jen comes with a price: every time he touches her, he faces the uncertain fear that loving her might mean losing her forever.

Jen is a breast cancer survivor and with Shane, she’s found a man who loves her despite her scars. But her scars may be too much for their love to survive.

As their love grows, so does the risk to Jen’s life. And Shane must make the toughest decision any man can make to save the woman he loves.

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Jessica Scott proves once again that she can write credible and realistic romance.  In Anything for You, Scott continues the romance between Jen and Shane that started in Because of You.  My heart melted when I read Because of You, so I knew I was going to love this novella from Jessica as well.  That was the only problem though, it was a novella.  It was too short.
       In Anything for You, Shane and Jen are contemplating on adding to their family..well Jen is.  Shane is contemplating having a vasectomy and is having a hard time telling Jen his decision.   Shane doesn’t want to risk losing Jen a second time, and with the risk of pregnancy comes the risk of complications, especially for cancer survivors like Jen.  But Jen doesn’t see it that way; she doesn’t believe anything will go wrong.
           A fateful decision hangs in the balance no matter which way they go.  If Shane has the vasectomy, will Jen ever forgive him or be satisfied with adoption?  Or will Jen risk getting pregnant and take on the hope that she and the baby will be fine?



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