Thursday, April 11, 2013

Review & Giveaway: The Desert Sheikh by Katheryn Lane

This is the full Desert Sheikh Trilogy, containing Books 1, 2 and 3

Book 1: Kidnapped By The Sheikh

Book 2: Married To The Sheikh

Book 3: The Sheikh's Son


Book 1: Kidnapped By The Sheikh

Sheikh Akbar needs a hostage.

Sarah Greenwich needs to escape.

But sometimes what you need is not what you want.

When a powerful sheikh kidnaps Dr. Sarah Greenwich, she leads him to believe that she is the wife of the British ambassador, but how long will she be able to keep up the deception and what will happen to her when the sheikh finds out that she has been lying to him?

Sarah is about to discover that the desert is an exotic wilderness, where anything can happen...

Book 2: Married To The Sheikh

When Sarah Greenwich marries Sheikh Akbar, her life is full of wedded bliss in the arms of a loving, passionate man. However, not everyone shares her happiness and Sarah soon discovers that when you're married to a powerful warlord, problems can come from the most unexpected sources.

Can love overcome the obstacles that are placed in front of it?

Book 3: The Sheikh's Son

When Sheikh Akbar manages to track down his long-lost wife, he also discovers the one other thing that he has always wanted: a son. However, reclaiming what he wants and loves is not as easy as he first thinks.

Who will win in this renewed battle of wills and what lengths will Akbar go to in order to keep his child?

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I didn't know what to think when I received an email stating that an author wanted me to review her series of books entitled The Desert Sheikh.  The last time I read any kind of romance in the Sahara’s it was way back in middle school when I used to closet read my sister’s old Silhouettes’.
It’s been years since middle school and consequently years since reading an Arab romance.  I was very hesitant but super happy that I picked up this series although with one tiny flaw.  Actually, it was a HUGE flaw. 
The author, Katheryn Lane completely skipped over the sex scenes!  I haven’t seen that since reading my last Sweet Valley High book…ok, not that long ago but you get the idea.  The story was so great otherwise.  The mistaken kidnapping was kind of..well not very thought out for a smart and powerful man like the Sheikh Akbar.  It was a little hard getting your mind situated in a different country with a whole different set of customs and rules, but once I did it was a pretty fast read.  I kind of like that it was three short stories and not one novel, it broke up the pace of it and had you not as bored by the mundane as you would in a 328 page book.
With that being said, The Desert Sheikh is a highly recommended short series of books that I think you will enjoy.  I know I enjoyed learning a bit about the different customs of the country.

sexy arab photo: SEXY  ARAB MAMI arab-girls.jpg         If you would like to win a copy of The Desert Sheikh series, simply comment below on the last Arab romance you have read or simply comment on the last romance you've read that skipped over the sex scenes.   The author will be giving away two e book copies in the format of your choice from Smashwords.  Giveaway ends on the 22nd.



  1. I read Heir to a Desert Legacy scenes weren't skipped, lol, but I would have liked more background on the culture there, etc.!

    1. While I'm no expert on the local culture, I've lived in the Middle East for a while so I try and include some of what I've seen and learnt here (though I've never been kidnapped and seduced by a sheikh - yet!)

    2. They will be very interesting reads!! :)


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