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Review: The Call From Within by Eri Nelson

The Call from Within

Eri Nelson

CreatSpace Independant Publishing

July 2, 2011

Dearhart Clan Series bk 1

Dearhart Clan are a series of fast paced adult books that dabble in the world of paranormal and remain in the erotic pulse of what can only be classified as a primal fantasy. If it’s a typical romance you’re looking for you won’t find it in this series.

Eri Nelson writes in a darker world where heat and need are the forefront for a slipping existence. There is not time for all the tenderness love deserves but if you’re imprinted to another you are far beyond those mortal requirements.

Our author is driven by swift action packed intrigues that often leave you wanting more. As she writes each new book into the series the number of pages might increase but the action never lets you feel the increasing distance to the final page.


            I knew what I was getting into when I started The Call From Within by Eri Nelson; after all it was only about 70 pgs in length give or take a page or two.  I knew it was going to be short and sweet, but what I did not know is that it was going to fall short on substance.

The Call From Within is the first book in the Dearhart series by Eri Nelson that follows Owen Dearhart, who is the leader of the Dearhart pack of wolves.  The story starts out when Owen discovers his mate, Kristen Still working as a waitress in a small diner one day when he stops in to get breakfast.  Kristen feels a pull toward this ungodly handsome stranger, but before she can even say hi he bolts from the diner.

Lucky for her Owen tracks her from the diner to her house.  I say lucky because her abusive ex is lying in wait for her.  Needless to say, Owen saves the day and tells her in no short order that she was born a werewolf. 

You might be asking why she had no clue of her true origins?  You might be asking how Owen knows this and she doesn’t?  Well, you will just have to read it to find out.

But I can tell you that Owen has an enemy that’s tracking both him and Kristen and he won’t stop until he makes Owen pay for a past wrong done to him.

And might I add Owen and Kristen were having sex while all this was happening.  In the span of 70 pages or so.  Not very good sex I should say.

70 pages is not a whole lot of time to flesh out characters, it is not a whole lot of time to get readers invested in any part of the storyline.  

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