Thursday, January 9, 2014

Review: Steal Me, Cowboy by Kim Boykin

 Steal Me, Cowboy

Kim Boykin

Tule Publishing Group

December 29, 2013

 Unbeknownst to her boyfriend, Sassy South Carolina hairstylist, Rainey Brown, is headed to Missoula, dead set on giving her minor league baseball player boyfriend of four years an ultimatum. Either put a ring on it or let her go, preferably not the latter.

When Rainey's piece of crap car dies in the middle of Nowhere, Montana, she's sure she's a gonner, until gorgeous restaurateur Beck Hartnett stops to help. Beck falls hard for Rainey, and knows she would admit she's fallen for him too, if she wasn't too stubborn to admit it. Beck has five days before the car is repaired to steal Rainey away from a boyfriend who doesn't deserve her. Five days before she's gone for good.


Rainey Brown is on the cross country trip of a lifetime-her lifetime.  Chasing after her boyfriend of four years, she is tired of being put off when it comes to the big question every committed girl dreams of hearing-heck-what any girl worth her salt dreams of hearing.

But on her way to Montana, Rainey breaks down-literally and figuratively-in a small town and meets Beck Hartnett, cowboy slash restaurateur.  Instant chemistry sparks, but surprisingly nothing happens-probably because the entire story is only 102 pgs.-except some sizzling attraction.  After about a week of working in the local beauty shop to earn money to pay for her broken down car, Rainey reluctantly leaves to “surprise” her boyfriend in the next town.  

I can’t really tell you what happens-but I’m sure you can guess-because I just hate spoilers.  But what I can say is that I absolutely loved reading Steal Me, Cowboy.  I originally picked it up because…well for one I won a copy of it…and two, I just loved how there was a baseball player in there as well as a cowboy since it closely resembled my early attempts at love (at one time I was in love with a baseball player but dropped him when I discovered cowboys).  True story.

As with all really good short stories, the closer and closer I got to the end, I was wishing that there were some missing pages that would magically appear and make the story draw out.  But of course, there wasn’t.

Regardless, I love these chick lit type stories and I miss reading them.

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