Friday, January 13, 2017

Review: The Poison in the Pudding by Shea Macleod

Title The Poison in the Pudding
Author: Shea Macleod
Series: Cozy Mysteries #3
Publisher: Sunwalker Press
Release date:Oct 16, 2016
Pgs: 64
Acquired: InstaFreebie

With a book deadline and Christmas fast approaching, the last thing Viola Roberts has time for is a party. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what she gets roped into by the Mayor of Astoria. Party planning it is. Complete with Christmas puddings.

Everything is humming along just fine when suddenly the guests begin to drop like flies! With both her reputation and her favorite Christmas cookies threatened, Viola has no time to waste. She’s got to find the poisoner before somebody ends up dead.

I have yet to read a short story in recent years that has drawn me in and kept me wanting to read more. Maybe it was the fact that I started in the middle of the series or maybe it was the author's use of hyphenated words.

The story was short, the poison was easily found along with the culprit.  It was like an episode of Colombo. A kid version.  Meaning it was a no brainer for adults but kids might..just might not figure it out.  You knew who did it, it was just a matter of proving it.

It was an entertaining read for the whole 20 minutes it took to read it. I probably would pack the whole series in one book though.

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