Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Giveaway & Review: You Make Me By Erin McCarthy


You Make Me starts out with Caitlyn about to attend her homecoming after party with her sorority sisters.  Her boyfriend Ethan surprises her in the middle of the party with a proposal of marriage which she says yes to because Ethan is everything her past was not.  When Caitlyn goes to hug Ethan, she see’s Heath; the boy who got away and now her mind is a complete mess.

Let me back up; Caitlyn grew up in a not so normal house with her parents collecting foster kids like it was going out of style.  Of course they only wanted the checks that came with the kids.  Heath was one of those foster kids, and Caitlyn was the only child of the parents who couldn’t have cared less if she got pregnant or not.  The attraction was instantaneous, but like all great love stories he went off to war after an altercation that arose out of their relationship.
Needless to say, Caitlyn was upset and so went off to college to try and reinvent herself.
Fast forward 4 years to the homecoming party.  Now Caitlyn is torn between her past and her future.
I was really hoping to love this series by Erin McCarthy since I loved her past books.  But when Caitlyn still can’t decide between men I was starting to loose interest because the choice was obvious but there wasn’t enough conflict to really keep me reading.  And then when Caitlyn asked Heath to try and win her like some sort of game, I couldn’t read anymore.
When Ethan gave up without a fight before I even got to the middle of the book, the remaining conflict between Heath and Caitlyn wasn’t enough to keep me hooked.  I’m hoping the second book, Let Me In is enough to keep me interested in reading the whole series.

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