Thursday, April 20, 2017

Review & Giveaway: Live For Me by Erin McCarthy

The solace she sought…

In and out of foster care her whole life, Tiffany Ennis has never had space or privacy, so housesitting a mansion on the coast of Maine with only the absentee rich owner’s dog for company is pure bliss. But her peace is shattered when the injured owner returns to his compound unexpectedly. Tiffany finds him to be sexy and intriguing, showing an interest in her that must be mocking, given that everyone’s always told her she’s plain, nothing special.

Becomes an affair she never expected…

Devin Gold, known in the music industry as Gold Daddy, is usually in New York City attending drop parties and having men and women alike throw themselves at him, and Tiffany wishes he’d stayed there. There’s no reason for a top producer to hole up in Maine in the dead of winter, and every time she turns around he’s asking her prying questions. She finds herself starting to enjoy their intellectual conversations and clever sparring matches, and in a hot minute she’s falling for him. Even knowing that he’s a decade older, filthy rich, and could only want her for his momentary amusement.

Yet even when he hosts beautiful and confident guests from the city, he still seems to prefer her company, and is protective when odd things start happening around the house, threatening her safety. But how far is Tiffany willing to go with a man who is still very much married, estranged wife or not, just to feel special?

And all the lines between past and present and right and wrong are blurred…


 Let me tell you, the second book in the series was a complete flip from bk 1.  For me at least. 
Let Me In deals with Tiffany; Caitlyn’s only foster sister that she ever really grew close to.
Like Caitlyn, Tiffany only had one relative that she could ever depend on.  But unlike Caitlyn, Tiffany’s relative; her grandmother wasn’t much of a role model seeing that Tiffany had to take care of her while trying to insulate herself from all the verbal abuse hurled her way.  The reason why behind the abuse is briefly explained and the consequences from that are not fully developed, I’d have loved to seen more on that.
When Tiffany finally leaves her grandmother’s house, she takes a job as a house sitter for a music producer who spends all his time in New York while leaving his Maine country house empty.  The location is perfect since it’s right across the water from her grandmothers who she can keep an eye on.
But it’s not long before Tiffany and Devin meet for the first time.  And when they do, the spark is instantaneous.  But Devin holds out because Tiffany is only 18 and he is 30, which is kind of a remarkable story line I think with the older man/younger woman struggle.  But don’t forget Devin has a crazy soon to be ex-wife on his hands that adds to the conflict in this book, which is only really drawn out when Devin finally decides the difference between ages is just a number.
I wouldn’t exactly say I fell in love with this book. Sure, it drew me in, and I couldn’t put it down for days on end.  The sexual tension was what kept me reading though….which I love which I didn’t get as much in bk 1, although you could tell Heath and Cat were nuts for each other. The tension between Devin and Tiffany was dynamic and intense, but I think I liked it so much because of the older man/younger woman scenario.  That’s just my thing.
Oh…and because of the dog.
   It had its charming moments, but again like with bk 1 there wasn’t really any huge conflict until the end and even then, it wasn’t made out to be a big deal.
Devin’s wife was pretty emotionally unsteady, and I just felt that it should have been interweaved more than it was throughout the story than all at once at the end.  From this point forward I would recommend reading this series.
I can’t wait to dive into Aubrey’s story, Let Me In.


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