Monday, August 21, 2017

Pre-Order Monday: Fearless by Lynne Connolly

Title: Fearless
Author: Lynne Connolly
Series: The Shaws #1
Publication: Lyrical Press
Publication Date: TOMORROW
pgs: 215

Scandal is his chosen path—until this infamous Shaw surrenders to love...

When Lady Charlotte Engles receives an offer of marriage from an eligible suitor, she’s finally ready to let go of her long-held hope that her engagement to Lord Valentinian Shaw will result in marriage. For despite the betrothal their families made between them, Val shows no interest in leaving his reckless life behind in favor of one with Charlotte. But when her plea to end their arrangement ends in a heated embrace, suddenly Val seems reluctant to let her go.

The last thing Val wants is a wife, despite how desirous his lovely bride-to-be has become. But when he discovers sweet Charlotte is planning to marry a dastardly man, he feels duty bound to keep her safe, even if that means making good on his marriage pledge. Then Charlotte is taken hostage by her dangerous suitor and suddenly Val is ready to risk everything for the woman who has won his heart.

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