Sunday, October 24, 2010

Under Siege

                   I am trying valiantly to create a most perfect blog...well not perfect, but I don't want it to look amateurish either.  I have updated it beautifully I think so far, right now I just have to remember to come back every day and make a post.
               I am trying to work in a house without wifi, so I connect my laptop to the only usb cord in the house which my aunt so generously shares with me.  Hopefully she does not use it as much as she says she does not.  I am currently unemployed and have been for two years now.  I am embarking on going to a class to get my Nursing Assistant license which would only be until the end of February, so by March of next year I should have a solid job again.  And with the way this year is progressing so fast, March should be here with a snap of the fingers.  I know I'm rambling, I do that a lot.  I started out talking about wifi and ended up talking about not having a job.  I don't know where I was going with that.
              My time of unemployment has earned me unlimited time to work on my romance novel, although I have been reading a lot more than I should be writing.
                I have noticed though I spend a lot of time indoors on the computer which gives me terrible headaches, so I have been going on long walks and/or spending time outdoors for a length of time and that seems to relieve those painful aches.
                 I must say that people must surround themselves with others who will encourage their dreams even though it might seem stupid to others, it is not stupid to that person.