Saturday, November 27, 2010

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   I have been instructed to write only about romance on here and not about anything else...certainly not about my every day life happening's because number 1.  I don't post every day like I should and #2 Nothing is really happening in my life right now.  I mean it.  Really.  Except maybe the holidays, which everyone is experiencing at this particular moment since it is two days after Thanksgiving.
                 I am a subscriber to the website known as and every week they email you a snippet of an upcoming book that is about to be released.  This last week's preview was entitled Christmas Moon by Elizabeth Lane.  You can read day four's snippet here, I have to say I really do love a solid time travel and I miss reading them.  I think the last one I read was in high school which was 16 years ago, I've scoured endless ailes of bookstores trying to find at least one so I applaud Lane for writing Christmas Moon.  I cannot wait to read the whole book!

     I am currently still reading Prelude to a Scandal.  I am on page 10.  Don't laugh!  I am assured it is a very good book, I just can't seem to read an ebook from start to finish like I can a print book.  But rest assured I will read it because the subject is my favorite,  Sex.

                  Okay....I think I have updated fully now.  One other website which I have to recommend since I love cooking is The web mistress used to live in L.A. and now married a cowboy and is now living on one of the biggest acres in Oklahoma.  She provides recipes, pictures of ranch and food, and snippets of a romance that I think she actually writes!  She also has some games on the site for kids since she has four?
                 Anything else I forgot to mention I'm sure I will make a list of it and mention it later.

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