Sunday, November 7, 2010

A new beginning

           For me, Monday is the start of a new beginning for me.  I will be attending a CNA class in hopes of becoming an RN one day.  Actually I would love to be a traveling RN.  But anyway, ever since my mom passed I have been blaming myself for not making her better in some way; I think she would still be alive today if I had better taken care of her.  I know she had cancer and it was terminal but I can't help feeling that way, so I am hoping to gain more knowledge, education, and experience in this field.  I'm not sure why I started out in the healthcare feild but I think it was to help my dad become better-fat chance of doing that-because my mother always said I could never help him the way he needed help or something like that, I can never remember exact wording.  But anyway, just this last week I have been looking into a creative writing degree or something that would help me to become a book editor, having no financial worries while pursuing that goal would be wonderful and
                     There are so many fields I would like to explore, but I only have one life and time goes by so freaking fast when your not looking.  You know, most people say that they have no regrets growing up, but I have a ton.  And I really wish I could go back and change who I became as a person.  That's horrible to say isn't it?  But it's the truth.  I keep thinking, if I just did this different or that different then I would be happy.  But you are who you are and things happen for a reason, you just have to accept life as it comes.

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