Friday, January 21, 2011

New year....New me??

  Holy Cow!!! It's been a whole month and a half since I blogged.  Sorry guys.  Still have no job, but getting closer to one so I'm counting the days until RWA in Los Angeles.  I graduate in 2 weeks so I will hopefully have money to spend to go!!  Cross your fingers! It's only 500 bucks, not that bad huh?  For everything??  I'm still slow on posting reviews, gotta catch up on that. 
               I have a couple of series I'm reading.  Hopefully i can read all the books in both series.  The first one is Sarah McLean's Love by Number's series.  I've been told the series concludes with her next one due out in April, but I'm hoping I heard that wrong.  I just hate it when a series you love ends!  I;m currently reading Nine Rules to Break when romancing a Rake, almost done with it and I wish I wasn't!  I love Callie and Ralston's story.  Here is MacLeans's website if you want to know more, and I know you do.

     The other series is...i can't remember just yet.
                  What else is going on???  Hmmm.  Can't think of anything.

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