Saturday, January 22, 2011


       I was going through my old emails one day and I noticed Smart Bitches, Trashy Books had an interesting idea.  ( For those of you who don't know what smart bitches is, the writer of Beyond Heaving Bosoms and the creator of is one and the same).  So, one of the suggestions on the website one day suggested making a list of your old time favorite books and rereading them.  If you have the time that is, what with new books coming in every day that we have an obligation as dedicated romance lovers to read.
           I can remember one entire series I would absolutely love to read again and see if I get that same satisfaction out of the pages.  Cassie Edwards was the author, it was an Indian series.....hold on, let me look it up.
    It was called the Savage series, although there were probably more than three books in the series, I know for sure that I did not read all 56, I think i stopped sometime in '92 or '93. because I remember reading Wild Ecstasy which was published in '92.  Maybe I would like to read all 56  someday, probably when I'm retired from doing absolutely nothing with half my life.
          Today is Saturday and typically on Saturdays I doodle around, not really doing anything productive really.  But today I feel like writing....starting on my first novel length story.  I'm going to try and write a historical, but I might write a contemporary too, just to see which my heart is really into.
     I have spent all day today literally glued to a single hardback chair reading a book I would rather not.  I always wonder if I would enjoy a book more if I was reading it on paper rather than a screen.  But alas, I have come to feel Once Upon a Scandal by Delilah Marvelle is not a book I would like to reread.  I have already read it twice!  Once for pleasure and once to review it.  I love the Scandal series by Marvelle and I adore what the book represented, but I did not like the plot.  How could Marvelle interject a drab book in the middle of two great ones?  It doesn't make sense.  All that said, I cannot wait for her next project.

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