Wednesday, March 23, 2011

tired of looking

    Sorry readers I am so infrequent in updating my blog.  Believe me, I would love nothing better than to sit on my ass and write about the books I love to read, but in this life you need a job to skate by.  But I will let you in on a website that I just love, and yes it concerns romance books. is just like a public library except online!  But you do have to pay a small fee to ship books but other than that I am in heaven kind of.  I have tons of books that will not sell on either ebay or or so this is a great place to donate and receive gently used books. is my addy.  Check on my books!  I add weekly....maybe.
                 As for new books I have to post on here, I have a handful.  I just have to find the time to add them, and maybe....just maybe I will get around to designing something cool on this page.
      But now onto more important news.....the Rt booklovers convention is coming next month.  Early next month thank you God.   When is it??  Where is it??  Welllll, it is April 6-10th 2011 at the Bonaventure Hotel and Resortin Downtown LA! More specifically on S. figueroa st.  And I will be a volunteer!  Maybe.  At first they told me I needed to pay the fee which is 500 but then I got an email saying to just come to the volunteer meeting even though I have not paid.  We'll see what that means....  Just think.  I might be able to get to meet only a handful of the authors I love!!  EEEEEEEEEK, I'm so excited!
                                    But until then...KOPR!!

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