Monday, March 5, 2012

Hot News

Today is New Release Day over at Carina Press! Head on over and check out some of the amazing covers and the attractive titles of some of these books.

    Do I need to explain why I love this title?            
Ok. I will.  Beauty and the Beast is my all time Favorite F.T. well, also because Beauty.  Is in.  The Beast.

   Besides the tattoos, the title, the corset, and the curly red hair what else is there to recommend this book cover?  Oh yeah, probably the skull and cross swords.  Although I think the what I originally thought were tatts are really the fabric of the corset.  Interesting.

Anyway, hop on over to discover more titillating covers.  You might also try reading the blurbs of one or two of those too.  I've learned from experience that sometimes it is okay to judge a book by it's cover.  CARINA

And I just finished up the review for this oh so delicious book by bestselling author Lori Wilde.  One word.  Tension.  A lot of it.  Ok 5 words.  Who can resist?  Wilde

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