Saturday, April 7, 2012

Review: Virgin Seeks Bad Ass Boy by Ruth Kerce

I first read Virgin Seeks Bad Ass Boy by Ruth Kerce back when it came out as a free short on her website, the short was the sex scene that the heroine Alice Sutherland witnesses between the hero Caleb and some blonde on the back of his motorcycle.  When I noticed that Kerce was fully developing the short into a story I was itching to snag the first copy of this digital read.  Recently, I came back upon this scintillating story in my files and had to reread it to make sure it was still a very good thrill.  And believe me, it was.  A very quick read on your lunch break will have you crossing your legs tightly underneath the table.
       Here's a little summery:

Alice Sutherland is tired of being a virgin. At twenty-four, she wants to experience wild and passionate sex. And she wants a real bad boy between her legs, preferably one with a heart deep down.

Caleb Sawyer doesn't know how to react when his sexy neighbor confesses that she wants him to de-virgin her. He's shocked. He's also intrigued. But he's not sure Ali has any idea what sex with him entails. Caleb is used to no-holds-barred, dirty, sweaty, try anything sex.

Alice is not na├»ve, just inexperienced. What Caleb doesn't know is that she has seen him in action…and he's her man. Oh, is he ever. The answer to all her needs, her deepest desires, her darkest fantasies. What starts as one weekend of raw passion, soon surpasses anything that either of them ever expected.

  Very pleasurable and satisfying BUT I'm glad I got it when it was free because I don't really know if I'd pay more than two bucks for it if that.
      Here's a little snippet:

He pulled halfway out and slapped her ass. “Louder.” He thrust back into her.

                                   *covering my mouth with a giggle*  

            The second time I read it...or was it the fifth? Anyway, I realized that Caleb could turn.  Gay that is; after reading the menage scene with his best bud Wade and then another scene with a gay friend on the phone listening to them have sex.  Admittedly, when I read it the first time, I was young and didn't know anything beyond a guy and a girl.  I thought it was kinda weird that Caleb could get turned on by these two insistence's but thought nothing of it beyond acquiring a few handmade thrills.  But now I realize since I'm older and much wiser, A-HEM, that there could be some more to go on here for a sequel.  Maybe I should bring this up to Ruth, maybe she's already thought about it?
                          Let me know what you think.
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