Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mini Interview + Giveaway with Lynn Rush

I'm just so excited to have paranormal author Lynn Rush with me today talking about her daily writing routine and pattern.  And of course I just had to ask after her pets.  If you have any questions for Lynn, please feel free to leave it in the comment section below and she will answer you straight away!

What is your writing routine like?

                 Short answer is that I write every free minute I can.    I really do try and do that, but we all know life can jump in the way sometimes. What I try to do is wake up early, get my workout done, write a little before work. Then once I’m home from work, I write the rest of the evening. Sometimes my “writing” time is really editing, but I count that as you’re still working on your projects and in the “creative” state of mind.

Do you ever kill off a character, regret it, and bring them back? 

                    Interesting question. Yes I have, actually. When I write, I’m not always looking too far ahead into future books, so sometimes when I’ve got something happening in the first book and I end up writing another one and then a third one, I find things I would have done differently. And in one case, I killed off someone who was pretty popular—I hadn’t expected that—so by the third book I “brought him back” for a little appearance. 

Are you ever happy with the final result? 

                           Gosh…to tell you the truth, yes and no!! How’s that for an answer? LOL!! Once the book is in print, I refuse to read it. Heck, if I can avoid it, I won’t even open it. Why you might ask…because I know I’ll find something I want to change. Or worse, a typo. Yes, typos happen in printed books. Despite how many rounds of editing it goes through, chances are a few words were missed.

And finally, Do you have any pets? If so what and how many?

                          I do. My loveable Shetland sheep dogs. Maddux is seven and Herky twelve. So sweet. My young one, Maddux, is my running buddy. While I was training to run a half-marathon, he accompanied me on a TEN MILE RUN! Talk about endurance that little dog has. Okay, he’s not little (45 pounds) but still…he’s such an awesome running buddy.

Thank you, so much, Megan for helping me celebrate my book birthday today.

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  1. Hi Lynn!! My favorite type of villain is a villain with a purpose, which rated his/her own book one day. It's always a nice experience to know each side of a story

  2. Morning!!! Thanks for stopping by. And thanks, Megan, for having me here. It's great to celebrate the release of Awaited with you today!!


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