Monday, April 30, 2012

Cover Crazy Monday

Thank you Tawni from The Bookworm.

I am just so excited about this meme because:
                     A) I really am in love with a lot of these new book covers coming out onto the market and
                     B) I needed a meme for Mondays.

   So here are the basics;

  •    Post a cover from any type of book that you are just in love with and/or find very interesting.
  •    Post a brief explanation on why you love this cover
  •    Posting can happen any day of the week!
  •    The point of this meme is to admire the artwork

                 I think those are all of the rules so far. So without further ado...

  Ummm, yeah.  So I love the fact that this hero (Rand Maguire) is shirtless, holding a gun.  Now, mind you I can't stand violence but if under extreme circumstances (like your being held hostage or something) than I think guns are allowed to be used.  Okay, with that noted a guy with a gun just looks sexy to me-not just any guy off the street mind you-so powerful and dominant! 
                          Not to mention the title of the book with a half naked guy  makes me think of exactly what the author I think wanted you to think about when reaching for this book.
                  Ok, so that was more than a brief description.  Sorry.

       Comment below and tell me what interests you about this cover.



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  1. I loved the first book in the series, but even if I didn't this cover would have definitely gotten my attention.

    Good choice!


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