Friday, June 8, 2012

Flashback Friday

Title: The China Bride

Author: Mary Jo Putney

Publication: Ballantine Books

Release Date: August 2001

Rating: Photobucket

The China Bride is for all of you who wanted the story of Kyle Renbourne, twin brother of Dominic, hero of The Wild Child. The story begins six years after the end of The Wild Child. Kyle has spent those years in travel, moving ever eastward. Soon it will be time to return to England and his responsibilities as heir to an earldom, but first he will visit China, the last and most desired goal of his long journey.

Born to a Scottish father and a Chinese mother, Troth Montgomery dreamed of someday traveling to Scotland, until the death of her father condemned her to a shadowy life as an interpreter in Canton. Then Kyle Renbourne, viscount and adventurer, discovers Troth’s true identity and persuades her to be his guide on a dangerous journey into the heart of the Celestial Kingdom.

A meeting of minds flares into searing passion, an idyll that ends when Kyle is captured and condemned to death. A reckless prison cell marriage the night before his execution sends Troth to England, where she arrives at the estate of Kyle’s brother. Though accepted as bride and widow, she is haunted by the memory of her dashing husband. Then the past reaches out to Troth, bringing passion, despair, and danger. Now she must draw on her unique heritage to save all she holds dear—and become the woman she is destined to be.

     I absolutely loved this book when I read it.  I had never read or even heard of Mary Jo Putney before, but I was in one of those reading new authors stages that I sometimes delve into, and I swear I have never looked back.
          The China Bride is full of passion, heartbreak, and danger,  It will make you smile and tear up just a little at the thought of Troth thinking Kyle is dead.
     And even though The China Bride is the second in the Bride trilogy, it never left you feeling like you were missing out on the adventure and passion from the first book, The Wild Child.  I absolutely recommend reading The China Bride as soon as you are able.


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