Monday, August 13, 2012

Cover Crazy Monday

It's time for another Cover Crazy Monday!

                    The point of this meme?

        To advertise and promote a romance cover that I'm just absolutely crazy about.  This week, I am spotlighting:

How I just love this cover!  The way the hero is looking past the heroine to the audience (us) as if to say; I'm about to do something scandalous which I need complete privacy for.  I also love the way the dress is half off the heroine, almost as if they were in the middle of you know what when they got caught.
                       As for the details, you can't really see much because of the colors the artist uses.  That I think is the only drawback to this come hither cover that is coming out August 21st from Harlequin Historicals.

How to Disgrace a Lady
Bronwyn Scott
Harlequin Historicals
Aug. 21st, 2012
Rakes Beyond Redemption  


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