Monday, August 20, 2012

Cover Crazy Monday

Hello Cover Crazy Monday!  (A Bit Late)

Cover Crazy Monday is a weekly meme that I took over from Tawni over at thebookworms.  She had started this meme last year and of this year I kind of took over the meme.  And I'm so glad I did!  I absolutely love doing this, showcasing amazing covers and explaining why I like them so much.

   I have this fascination with dragons, only inflamed by my recent read of Sin's Dark Caress by Tracey O' Hara.  If you guys have not read this book, I would suggest picking it up very soon, it is a dark thriller but if I liked it, I can definitely say you will too.  So....on to this week's feature:

Well, first of all, I just love how the man isn't the center of attention with this cover.  The dragon seems to be dominating.  The dragon is saying to me, 'Look at me'.  The man's expression is not what I would have gone with, the guy seems to be saying, 'Eh, yeah there's a dragon within's just another day....I'd rather go to bed.'
           Not very sinister if you ask me, and the guy's expression is really taking away from the ferociousness of the dragon itself.

        Upon further inspection, the eyes are red of both the dragon and the man, which blends into the overall redness going on.  I'm not really sure if I like the redness of it all or if I would like it better if the man's skin weren't so red.  And his black hair blends into the background.

    Okay, so why did I choose this cover to spotlight? ;)

    I guess I just love the dragon.  And the idea of a dragon tattoo there.


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