Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Review: Blame It On Texas by Christie Craig


 I have found that I love reading Christie Craig books.  After reading Divorced, Desperate, and Delicious; her 2007 release I knew that I had found a kindred spirit in petsville.  And after reading Blame It On Texas, that knowledge just reinforced that truth.
                Zoe Adams has just finished watching a true crime TV show where a little girl went missing and was found dead years ago.  After having nightmares after watching that late night reality, Zoe is convinced that she is that dead girl.  But wait.  How can you be dead if you are in fact alive?  That’s what Zoe has to figure out.  With the help of a well meaning P.I. and a dog that looks more like a rat Zoe uncovers her hidden past all the while trying not to end up very truly dead.
Tyler Lopez is an ex cop turned PI who happens to walk into plates of food whenever Zoe is around, despite that or because of it Tyler agrees to help her win everybody over to the fact that she is indeed that dead heiress that was on crime TV.  Mean while, he has to solve his own personal vendetta of who is trying to frame his team for a crime they did not commit.
Although the plot line is serious and somewhat deadly, Blame It On Texas was a lightweight comedy of errors with Zoe spilling food on Tyler and the dog releasing gas every five minutes.  Blame It On Texas is a must read just for the adorable fact of watching the dog steal the show.


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