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Review: Lord of Wicked Intentions by Lorraine Heath

Lord of Wicked Temptations

Lorraine Heath


April 30, 2013

Lost Lords of Pembrook Bk 3

Lord Rafe Easton may be of noble blood, but survival taught him to rely only on himself and to love no one. Yet when he sets his eyes on Miss Evelyn Chambers, and earl's illegitimate daughter, he is determined to have her, if only as his mistress.

After her father's death, Evelyn Chambers never imagined she would be sold to the highest bidder, yet circumstances give her little choice except to accept the lord's indecent proposal. Rafe is wealthy, as well as ruthless. Yet his coldness belies deep passion and deeper secrets. If she must be his, Evelyn intends to lay bare everything the Lord of Pembrook is hiding. But dark discoveries threaten to destroy them both until unexpected love guides the last lost lord home.

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The last book in The Lost Lords of Pembrook series by Lorraine Heath was in my opinion the best yet.  I think I connected with Rafe just for the simple fact that he was the youngest and that he felt abandoned by his older siblings.

    I don’t know if I liked Evelyn Chambers in the beginning when her father would not let her out of the house for the simple fact that she was born a bastard.  She was portrayed as far too innocent for my liking, and she progressed into a seasoned lady far too fast in my opinion but Rafe was her teacher so I guess she had to learn quickly.

   The passion and the sexual chemistry were just right for the couple and I so enjoyed the fact that the characters from the last two books in the series were featured as well in this last book.  I was delighted with the sex scenes over all; the sex in the beginning was highly erotic for the fact that there was no contact except where there had to be contact to consummate.   After the confessions of I love you’s from both parties, (full on contact was initiated) the sex was still very passionate.

   The suspense of the book I knew was not going to be very climatic, but it was still had you wondering if they were going to find Rafe in time.  I was mildly surprised that Heath had it go so far, usually the hero is rescued just in the nick of time.  But I think that is one of the last reasons why I liked Rafe’s story so much.
Rafe’s forgiveness of being left behind all those years ago is resolved in the final chapters when he is rescued but Sebastian’s inability to forgive himself for leaving his brothers behind when he was supposed to protect them will make your heart cry for him.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed Rafe’s story as I knew I would.

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  1. I've been wanting to give this author a try for ages but I never end up biting the bullet. Great review!
    -Kimberly @ Turning the Pages


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