Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Wow! I can't believe I'm back on blogger.
I was over on Wordpress for a little over a year, but it seems lke forever since I have even looked at this blog. I'm back on blogger for many reasons, one of which is that I don't post enough on Wordpress to pay over $100 a year. I mean, it's totally worth it and I thought I would be posting a lot more than I was, but I kind of got into a reading rut meaning I wasn't into it for awhile.

I know I know. But it does happen. You never know, I might switch it up every once in a while. (Between Wordpress & Blogger)

       What can I say? I like change.

So now, I have to get used to everything blogger again.  How long will it last?  You never can tell with me, but I promise to make things interesting at least. And I plan on doing more than book reviews.  For instance, subscription reviews.  I've tried you tubing them but I'm more of a writer than a talker.

    Ok, so I think that's it for now.  See you on the flipside!


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