Monday, November 1, 2010

For the write of it

             I am starting a writing challange today that will last through this whole week.  Five days right?  It doesn't sound like much, but it is when trying to write a book much less hte first page of that book.  UGGH!! So difficult!!!  But so worth it!!!!  CAn I do it?  S*@t.  I have too, that's the whole reason I got a computer in the first place.  No, not to play faceboook games.  To actually write and make some kind of meaning out of my life because my whole life I have tried and failed to write.  I was off to a great start in high school  but it suddenly dropped off after I graduated.  And now...16 years later I'm still at that nervous stage of writing the first word of my first book.  Who cares if I can go back and edit that first word or even that first sentence, I still have to put down on paper or computer screen a letter that will start this crazy idea of mine and make it into a story worth reading. 
            I have to write  the first page by 3:00pm today, I started at 7am.  I;m still working on it!!  Is it supposed to take this long?!
                 I just finished the first day's challenge!!  Which was writing that dreaded first page, it wasn't the greatest, but it was a start. Once you start writing, the words just start flowing!  In some cases at least...

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